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[avr-gcc-list] avrstudio and avr-gcc

From: Ömer Sinan KAYA
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] avrstudio and avr-gcc
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 21:31:50 +0300

i've been recently playing with winavr and avrstudio . I've read the readme.txt and applied all the steps and i was able to use avrstudio for debugging.
Avrstudio requires coff file format for debugging. However , "make all" command produces hex and elf file.In order to make coff compatible file usage of "make coff" is needed which is not mentioned in the readme.txt. I think there is a problem with the make file.
The other step to debug the application is to open  the coff file with the avrstudio which is not mentioned for people who didnt use avrstudio before . After having tried to run the application from the project ,i found that i was able to debug application with opening the coff file.
BTW, i'm now able to debug the application but i 'm having some strange problems with avrstudio. I 'm trying to port an xml parser to the atmel environment .
In this function i use 512 as the blocksize
and address of the reader pointer for first param , when i debug and see what the value of blocksize is , i see 0x033e0527.Am i missing something ?
LPBUFFEREDISTREAM BufferedIStream_Init(LPBUFFEREDISTREAM reader, s32 blocksize)
 memset(reader, 0, sizeof(BUFFEREDISTREAM));
 r->blocksize = blocksize;
 r->maxbufsize = BIS_DEFAULT_MAXBUFSIZE;
 return reader;
I've attached a sample project for avrstudio to the mail which might be put to the project directory so that people might start debugging directly.("classic hello world application",i dont know where output of printf goes, libc documentation says that it has to be directed to a file descriptor)
Ömer Sinan KAYA
+902626481397 / +902626481691
SeMA Working Group
Computer address@hidden University,Istanbul,Turkey
Turkish National Research Institute Of Science And Technology

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