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Re: [avr-gcc-list] makefile for ubuntu

From: Patrick Blanchard
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] makefile for ubuntu
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 10:33:45 -0500

On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 12:58 -0700, Cullen Newsom wrote:
> Does anyone want to tell me all the undocumented* tricks to
> getting a working dev environment for avr-gcc on ubuntu with the
> stk200 and either it's programmer, or with avrisp?  Anyone have
> a makefile that might work?

Personally, I like Debian but have little experience with ubuntu.

I would shy away from the makefile approach until you are capable of
understanding the linux tooling process from start to finish. The WinAVR
makefile is bloated for microsofties, so it takes a lot of wading thru
the makefile to set what you require for linux.

As to a dev environment, here is what I found to be most helpful on
Debian Sarge or Debian testing (the netinstall works great btw):

all of these can be set up in Debian Sarge as follows:
install the netinstall CDrom (or floppy)

select multiuser for your disk partition
select desktop for your default package install

finish you installation according to the prompts

when you are finished, logon to your desktop and open a shell (bash)

type $ aptitude

locate the electronics installation files, and the embedded files

type '+' to select the electronics and embedded folder for installation
type 'g' to install (you will be prompted to logon as root here)
type 'g' again

sit back and your dev environment is automatically installed for you.

Here are some specifics if you want to do this without aptitude
automatic installation:

1. set up the avr-gcc (binutils, avr-gcc, avr library)
2. set up a programmer (avrdude is on Debian testing at the moment - but
you might check uisp which is on sarge) I have used both and they work
well on /dev/ttyS0

3. x-windows:

text editor - kate (Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor))
http://kate.kde.org/ this is more like a text editor on steroids, or

PCB design suite: gEDA http://www.geda.seul.org/ is now on Debian Sarge.

I prefer using /home/patrick instead of the default installation, but
the aptitude command for Debian Sarge will get you up and running with a
state of the art development system a lot faster - this will include the
avr simulator, circuit analysis, and also the ability to run remote
desktops if you want to install for a group design project (using vnc
over the network or internet).

With this setup, you can then branch to other targets for GCC later on
if you wish, including 32 bit platforms!

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