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RE: [avrdude-dev] optional hash mark progress indicator

From: Alex Shepherd
Subject: RE: [avrdude-dev] optional hash mark progress indicator
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 08:48:46 +1200

> If you are really set on the hash marks, I'd at least like the number
> of hash marks printed to be a fixed number, like a percentage.  So
> that part way through, the display might look something like this:
>   Writing: |###########                              |  29%
> ETA 22.3 sec

I'm really simply interested in some sort of progress indication that
doesn't fill up my captured output with hundreds of line feeds. Printing a
single character . or # every so often is a way to indicate things are
working. From use I know how many characters will be printed for each
project and know when it will be done.

I'm using the Jens File Editor (JFE) IDE which captures the output in
realtime so the progress indicator to a non-tty is useful to me. Although
I'm not sure it it handles

> If you you'd like to work on a patch for that, great.  If not, just
> let me know and I'll work on it.  Also, I would like to pull this
> could out from under the -v option and use a seperate -q option to
> disable it instead of using the -v option to enable it.

I'll have a play around and see how JFE handles the BS character. I can move
the progress indicator out to its own function so all the mods are in one



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