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[avrdude-dev] optional hash mark progress indicator

From: Alex Shepherd
Subject: [avrdude-dev] optional hash mark progress indicator
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:06:21 +1200

Hi Guys,

I have added a single command line option -h to enable hash mark printing
every 256 bytes. I tried to make it accept an optional numeric value but I
don't think the version of getopt has that feature. ie allow option string
with "h::" :(

If the -h is not specified it defaults to the numeric progress indicator
with updates every 16 bytes. This is independent of the verbose setting as I
couldn't figure out how the previous numeric indication was being enabled
without a -v and yet the code only did it if verbose was enabled - tricky :(

Also fixed a bug in the usleep() replacement function in ppiwin.c so it now
calls nanosleep() instead of recursively calling usleep (itself) for the
system delay before going into the polled loop. :(

I have linked this with the -static option so it should not require the
extra DLLs.

Could some of you windows users give it a go to make sure I haven't broken
something else and I will then post the diffs in a few days.

The new binary is here: http://www.wave.co.nz/~ashepherd/Avrdude.zip



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