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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: AXIOM book project on Axiom Portal

From: Bob McElrath
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: AXIOM book project on Axiom Portal
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 12:49:25 -0700
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Bill Page address@hidden wrote:
> Bob,
> Thanks!
> Ok, after a long struggle I now have the AxiomWiki stuff working
> with the newest versions of both Zwiki and LatexWiki ... many
> long steps mostly related to the images directory relative
> path problem (again) which I did not recognize at first and
> then some changes in the Axiom interface code to use the
> right method to get the full path names. Phew!

0.32 will use the full path for the LocalFS images/ by default.  Is
there anything I need to fix here?

> After all that, the printing from IE is muct better :) however
> it is still cut-off a bit on the right hand side. Any ideas
> about what might be causing this? This didn't happen when
> printing from Zope/Zwiki with IE in the versions of Zwiki
> and LatexWiki. I have attached a sample pdf file created by
> IE from

I don't know what to tell you about printing.  I note that printing
pages from moz also looks crappy.  In fact, printing pages from the
official plone site in moz looks crappy.  (cut off at right, strange
indenting, embedded URL's)  It might be possible to fix this in
plonePrint.css.  Printing URL's is due to that stylesheet:
    div.document a:visited:after {
           content: " ( " attr(href) " ) ";

I think for a documentation system we should eventualy strive to produce
postscript/pdf from wiki pages, and not depend on the browser.  TeX has
decades of history of producing good-looking output.  It will be a very
long time before browsers catch up.

> I can send you the patches against your version of LatexWiki
> in darcs, if you like. I am not yet familiar enough with
> darcs to know how to do it directly.

Use 'darcs send' and give it my email.  The other way to do it is put
your repository on the web and I can pull from it.

> No I didn't change it. The funny thing is that they appear
> just a little too high in IE but a little too low in Mozilla.
> For example check this

IE is bugged.  It implements 'vertical-align: middle' improperly.
Mozilla and Konqueror do it right, it appears that Opera does it wrong.
I started writing some javascript to work around this:
If I can get this to work cross-browser I'll include it in the next
release.  (If someone knows javascript -- please play with this -- I'm
shooting in the dark with this)

> in both browsers.

Your site is generating different images than mine, despite the fact
that the parameters are the same.  What version of ghostscript and PIL
do you have?  Compare:
as you indicate, your site is making images that are a slightly
different size, and have different amount of space around the letters.
I have ghostscript 7.07 on one computer and 7.07.1 on another (and the
images those two generate are identical).

> Doesn't this happen in the Zope and Plone 1 versions?

This is not a zope or plone problem, as the images we are generating are
different.  It must be one of: latex, dvips, ghostscript, or PIL.

Bob McElrath [Univ. of California at Davis, Department of Physics]
    It is unpatriotic to question the Kleptocracy.

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