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Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom crashing in Zope-Plone

From: Hans Peter Wuermli
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom crashing in Zope-Plone
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 20:13:47 +0200
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On Friday 01 October 2004 18.02, you wrote:
> > Hans,
> >
> > When you can find some "spare" time, would it be possible for
> > you to attempt what Camm describes below?
> >

Yes, I found some spare time tonight (and hopefully I find some more over the 
weekend) and checked Camm's suggestions:

1) started the axiom commands with ')lisp  (si::readline-off)'
2) started the cmdLine of Popen3 with 'export TERM="dumb"
3) used both changes.

Again, the standalone python code run without errors, whereas the LatexWiki 
page within Zope crashed with WEXITSTATUS=139.

> > > My suspicion lies in python's pipe code, possibly in conjunction with
> > > GCL readline.  Can a segault be reproduced with axiom intel
> > > standalone?  Alternatively, can someone please try to reproduce
> > > setting the TERM environment variable to "dumb"?  Might need to check
> > > strace -f on the process to make sure Python does not setup the pipe
> > > environment as a readline capable terminal (e.g. vt100).  If one can
> > > get to axiom at all over the pipe, try doing )lisp (si::readline-off)
> > > at the beginning, or putting this into some axiom rc startup file or
> > > something.

Using the bit of sparetime I also experimented with spawing a process (like 
Axiom) reading from stdin and writing to stdout. Because running an AxiomWiki 
seems to take ages I wanted to check if one could leave Axiom running as a 
server process, just waiting for axiom commands and returning the answers. My 
simple assumptions about pipes in any case did not prove right, so there 
could be odd ways python handles standard input (e.g. via some terminal 

As promised I will now try to install ZWiki, LatexWiki and the axiom patch 
again and will let you know a.s.a.p. (but I work as a slow Swiss and I can 
only offer a tested prescription on a Debian system). I am a bit afraid of 
dealing with the synchronisation that is expected with further versions of 
LatexWiki. We'll see.

Cheers, H.P.

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