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Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom crashing in Zope-Plone

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Axiom crashing in Zope-Plone
Date: 01 Oct 2004 14:48:04 -0400
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Hans Peter Wuermli <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello
> On Friday 01 October 2004 18.02, you wrote:
> > > Hans,
> > >
> > > When you can find some "spare" time, would it be possible for
> > > you to attempt what Camm describes below?
> > >
> Yes, I found some spare time tonight (and hopefully I find some more over the 
> weekend) and checked Camm's suggestions:
> 1) started the axiom commands with ')lisp  (si::readline-off)'
> 2) started the cmdLine of Popen3 with 'export TERM="dumb"
> 3) used both changes.
> Again, the standalone python code run without errors, whereas the LatexWiki 
> page within Zope crashed with WEXITSTATUS=139.

This is with the packages Debian binary, right?  In this case, it
would seem that axiom/gcl is likely not implicated, but rather
Zope/LatexWiki.  Please let me know if you uncover evidence to the

Take care,

> > > > My suspicion lies in python's pipe code, possibly in conjunction with
> > > > GCL readline.  Can a segault be reproduced with axiom intel
> > > > standalone?  Alternatively, can someone please try to reproduce
> > > > setting the TERM environment variable to "dumb"?  Might need to check
> > > > strace -f on the process to make sure Python does not setup the pipe
> > > > environment as a readline capable terminal (e.g. vt100).  If one can
> > > > get to axiom at all over the pipe, try doing )lisp (si::readline-off)
> > > > at the beginning, or putting this into some axiom rc startup file or
> > > > something.
> Using the bit of sparetime I also experimented with spawing a process (like 
> Axiom) reading from stdin and writing to stdout. Because running an AxiomWiki 
> seems to take ages I wanted to check if one could leave Axiom running as a 
> server process, just waiting for axiom commands and returning the answers. My 
> simple assumptions about pipes in any case did not prove right, so there 
> could be odd ways python handles standard input (e.g. via some terminal 
> emulation).
> As promised I will now try to install ZWiki, LatexWiki and the axiom patch 
> again and will let you know a.s.a.p. (but I work as a slow Swiss and I can 
> only offer a tested prescription on a Debian system). I am a bit afraid of 
> dealing with the synchronisation that is expected with further versions of 
> LatexWiki. We'll see.
> Cheers, H.P.

Camm Maguire                                            address@hidden
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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