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RE: [Axiom-developer] axiom project homepage

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] axiom project homepage
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 17:35:47 +0200

Dear Bill,

Bill Page writes:

 > I think a direct link to MathAction is a good idea, BUT
 > I also think /zope/mathaction needs a more prominent link
 > to /zope/Plone (Axiom Portal).

I think that concentrating on MathAction would be a good idea, since our
community is pretty small, however:

 > Yes there are some documents on /zope/Plone that are not on /zope/mathaction
 > but I am not sure if they belong on MathAction or not. There are things that
 > Plone does that the ZWiki software on MathAction can not do such as private
 > user files and controlled publication, calendar events, bibliographies
 > etc. There may also be some material on the test
 > site that is not on MathAction.

I propose the following: I integrate into MathAction those things I can move to
MathAction (Please provide pointers). As soon as the need arises, we integrate
MathAction into Plone.

Although MathAction is less controlled, please notice that there is very little
action on MathAction... So, control is not an issue currently.

 > In principle, MathAction is the less controlled environment because it is an
 > open publicly accessible wiki. In fact, it is more organized only because
 > Martin has done a great job of maintaining the content.


 > The Plone Axiom Portal on the other hand has not had nearly enough
 > attention. 

I do not have the time of maintaining the content of two sites. And -- sorry,
Bill -- I'm quite certain that it would not be a good idea to somehow split the
content. PLEASE: Let's go with MathAction for a while. It provides -- nearly
:-) -- everything we need right now!

 > Screen size is relative :) but I do think that such tutorials should be VERY
 > easily accessible - more or less right up front.  I expect that many people
 > arrive at MathAction with little or no knowledge of what Axiom really
 > is. Navigating to a 2nd page might be a (minor) inconvenience. Of course it
 > is a matter of preference but generally I do like to have more information
 > on the first page I see, not less.

I see your point. However, it seems that you agree to

 > using just the name "Axiom tutorials and documentation".

Please send an OK!, than I'll do this.

 > The "community" part of it is (mostly) irrelevant. Elsewhere perhaps we
 > might want to have a page that says "Who's who in the Axiom community" and
 > list some of the community information there.

That's an option of course. I'll spend a few minutes on thinking how to
reorganize the material on the Documentation page, OK?


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