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Re: Fw: Kill warnings

From: Pascal Bart
Subject: Re: Fw: Kill warnings
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 16:56:33 +0100

> Pascal> Well, there are no warnings in Bison source code =).
> So just tell me how come exp no longer compiles.  And have a look at
> all the reports from Hans about 1.30x.

I know, there are any warnings in Bison's sources, it was just a joke, I
don't forget the smiley, but I'll read Hans reports again.

> Pascal> LOL, yes but it was differents, it was the generated parser,
> Pascal> which did any warnings, here we're talking about Bison's
> Pascal> sources. 
> Nope, read again.  I also mention the test suite.

Yes, I've notice, there're long time I've not compile Bison, I don't 
have enough time, but I don't remember test suite warning, I'll
see that too :).  I should work on Bison next week.

> Pascal> This is really different, we're allowed to leave warnings in
> Pascal> Bison's sources but not in the generated parser.
> Agreed.  But given there were only a couple of them in the sources,
> let's go up to 100% warning-less-ness.

Ok, there are no problem, "this is your last word ?" [reference to
a french popular show] :).

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