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Re: push parser

From: Bob Rossi
Subject: Re: push parser
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 11:23:30 -0500
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On Wed, Dec 06, 2006 at 09:21:31PM -0500, Joel E. Denny wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Dec 2006, Bob Rossi wrote:
> > Before I submit a patch, I make sure the test suite works. Then I do a
> > 'cp data/push.c data/yacc.c' and do a make install and make check.
> It's also good to do a make maintainer-check before submitting your patch. 
> Search HACKING to learn about that and configure --enable-gcc-warnings.
> Without copying push.c to yacc.c, make maintainer-check fails for tests 93 
> and 99.  Valgrind is detecting some errors.  Do you have Valgrind?
> I've installed your patch, but we need to fix this.

OK, here you go. This fixes the valgrind bug. It also makes changes the
return type of yypvarsinit from void* to struct yypvars* like suggested

Bob Rossi

2006-12-07  Bob Rossi  <address@hidden>

        * data/push.c (yypvarsinit): Change return type from void* to struct
        yypvars*. Initialized yylen. No longer cast to void* on return.

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