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Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] rel-0-9-1; Two speed issues

From: Jan-Åke Larsson
Subject: Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] rel-0-9-1; Two speed issues
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 14:25:43 +0200
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Ralf Stubner wrote:
2. Things like the pagesize option of the KOMA-Script classes or
   hyperref insert specials into the DVI file. These seem to cause
   dvipng to call GhostScript when the options '--picky --noghostscript'
   (default in preview-latex) are used. This is much slower and IMO
   unnecessary in this case. At the moment I am not using these two
   options which helps a bit, though eg the embeded MetaPost file is not
   displayed then.

Any further info you need?

Running `Preview-DviPNG' with ``dvipng _region_.dvi -o 
"_region_.prv/tmp16068K2z/prev%03d.png" --bg 'rgb 1 0.980392 0.941176' --bd 
'rgb 0.705882 0.933333 0.705882' --bd 2 -D107 ''
This is dvipng 1.5 Copyright 2002-2005 Jan-Åke Larsson
[1dvipng warning: at (0,0) ignored header \special{!userdict 
begin/preview-bop-level 0 def/bop-hook{/preview-bop-level dup load dup 0 
le{/isls false def/vsize 792 def/hsize 612 def}if 1 add store}bind 
def/eop-hook{/preview-bop-level dup load dup 0 gt{1 sub}if store}bind def end}.
dvipng warning: at (0,0) ignored header \special{!userdict begin/bop-hook{preview-bop-level 
0 le{7{currentfile token not{stop}if 65781.76 div DVImag mul}repeat 72 add 72 2 copy 
gt{exch}if 4 2 roll neg 2 copy lt{exch}if dup 0 gt{pop 0 exch}{exch dup 0 lt{pop 
0}if}ifelse 720 add exch 720 add 3 1 roll 4{5 -1 roll add 4 1 roll}repeat 
<</PageSize[5 -1 roll 6 index sub 5 -1 roll 5 index sub]/PageOffset[7 -2 roll [1 1 
dtransform exch]{0 ge{neg}if exch}forall]>>setpagedevice}if//bop-hook exec}bind def 
dvipng warning: at (0,0) unimplemented 
] [2<preview-test.1dvipng warning: Unable to convert ./preview-test.1 to PNG, 
image will be left blank

The papersize header, I can just ignore. At some point I may add an
option to make a red line around the "paper," but...

What format does preview-test.1 have? Apparently the inclusion is PSFILE=preview-test.1, but it seems that gs does not handle it
gracefully, or needs some extra info to do the right thing.


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