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Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] Better documenting difference between AucTeX Texinfo an

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] Better documenting difference between AucTeX Texinfo and native Texinfo modes
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 2009 17:11:43 +0200
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answers embedded below.

Ralf Angeli a écrit :
* Vincent Belaïche (2009-06-30) writes:

I think that the difference of AucTeX TeXinfo mode w.r.t. to native TeXinfo mode should be better documented.

Well, AFAICS the Texinfo mode of AUCTeX is not documented at all.  At
least with respect to the manual.  So there is not really a basis to be

I agree. Would you like me to draft an info node that would sumarize what AucTeX brings upon and when native Texinfo is needed from AucTeX.

This is because when you edit a TeXinfo file you still rely on the native TeXinfo to make texinfo specific thing (like updating node pointer).

Yes, but I'm not sure this technicality has to be prominently exposed in
the manual.

Yes, I was not meaning that you should document the native Texinfo function themself but rather the key-bindings to reach them when you are in AucTeX, as when using AucTeX you still rely on some of the native Texinfo functions. This 1st node would be intended to the proficient AucTeX user to help him/here refer to the native Texinfo manual for only relevant parts.

Also it would be good to list briefly in a separate node all native Texinfo command that are superseded with AucTeX. This node would be intended to the proficient native Texinfo user that is shifting to AucTeX.

By the way `C-c C-c C-d' (`texinfo-start-menu-description') (cf "(texinfo) Inserting") cannot be accessed in AucTeX.

I suggest a new key `C-c C-u C-d'.

This command is quite practical to pull section/subsection titles into the menu entry description, and as such it deserves a key binding.

I'd probably document the functionality AUCTeX provides
itself or exposes from the native Texinfo mode via the menus and refer
to the documentation of the native mode for the rest.

In any case, the Texinfo mode in AUCTeX has always felt somewhat
inconsistent and unfinished to me.  When editing the AUCTeX and RefTeX
manuals I'm usually struggling with the insertion of sections and nodes
as they are used nowadays in these manuals and with updating the menus.
There is likely some potential for improvement.

I fully agree. If ever you are to go into that, please make me know and I may contribute.

By the way, my RefTeX is surely outdated, is it supposed to work also with a Texinfo document detecting the @section, @subsection, and so on ?

I am using the the native Texinfo texinfo-show-structure instead, but it is not as powerful (and I am used to Reftex)...


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