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Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] Better documenting difference between AucTeX Texinfo an

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: Re: [Bug-AUCTeX] Better documenting difference between AucTeX Texinfo and native Texinfo modes
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 21:16:15 +0200
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Dear all,

Karl: I address this mail to you also for information, as you wrote to me that you may update the native Texinfo mode manual to insert a link to AucTeX documentation concerned with use of native Texinfo commands under AucTeX (we were discussing insertion commands, but actually it would be better if this link is given once and for all in the overview). This documentation is actually not yet existing and this is my contribution to create it.

Ralf Angeli a écrit :
Sure.  But keep in mind that the manual currently contains a lot of
information which is common to all AUCTeX modes.  So this stuff does not
necessarily have to be repeated.  And if there nevertheless is a need
for repetition, it should be very brief.

Here is my contribution, herein attached. Hopefully it is not too redundant with existing native Texinfo/AucTeX manuals. Please feel free for brickbats whenever improvement is needed.

At least when I started working with AucTeX texinfo I was _quite_ confused about it (to tell you the truth, I had not even realized that it was AucTeX, and I had the impression that native Texinfo had been updated to use bindings closer to AucTeX but the native Texinfo manual was completely out-of-date). So this kind of document would have really been useful to me (and would have saved Karl's time from my bothering him).

I suggest a new key `C-c C-u C-d'.

This sounds useful.  The proposed key binding also seems to be an
appropriate choice since since the other bindings prefixed with `C-c
C-u' all deal with updating menus and nodes.  It might still be a bit
awkward to "shift" it from an insertion-related binding to one related
to updates.  Would anybody else on this list object if we introduce the

FYI, in the document attached I assumed that the AucTeX group accepted my proposal to bind texinfo-start-menu-description to C-c C-u C-d under AucTeX. Actually this command can be both considered an *update* command and an *insertion* command.

It is not really a pure insertion command, because it seeks the information to insert from some other part of the document, just like update commands do. So, it would not be possible to bind it so some `C-c C-f' key while using the generic TeX-font mechanism. Also `C-c C-f C-d' is already used by AucTeX to delete inner font.

On the other hand, it is not really an update command because it won't make any update if there is already a description. Also, typically even if it makes the update, then you most often need to re-edit the description, as the node title may not be good enough (hence the command name start-menu-description, as updating is just a starting point).

In my opinion, even under native Texinfo, such kind of hybrid command should have both keybindings `C-c C-c C-d' and `C-c C-u C-d'.


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