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Re: Query

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Query
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 15:10:20 +0200

It is a bad idea to have the kind of disclaimers as below attached to your
letters, because then people will not want to reply.

***************** Copyright notice **************************
* Anyone reading this letter must send the originator $500. *

Flex questions should be directed to:
  Help-flex mailing list

At 18:28 +0530 2002/08/03, G S Murthy wrote:
>    Dear  friend,   I have been working  with the Bison and Flex in the
>Win NT environment  and now,  am required  to port the same Y and the I
>files for the Bison and Flex  respectively in the  Unix (Solaris)
>environment.   I use some c++  statements like cls * name = new cls
>(..,..,..) etc in the action  part of my Y  file.. Is it possible for  me
>to just port the same Flex generated lex.yy.c and the Bison  generated
>tab.cpp file  in Unix too  (Ofcourse with Unix Flex and Bison). If yes! Do
>I use some options to do  so.   I am facing some  problems here. It does
>not work.    Can you pls help me  out with a solution.     Thanks and
>Regards, Murthy    
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