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Manual bugs?

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Manual bugs?
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 14:29:34 +0200

Isn't the manual (version 1.49 & 1.35, section 9) muddled with respect to
the description of options
Does the first option pretend that the second one was invoked? And which
option generates verbose error messages?

(And %verbose does not seem to be mentioned in the Appendix A summary --
but I think I pointed this out before.)

Also, if I write rules without a terminating ";", Bison 1.35 issues a
warning. Should the manual not indicate a way to turn those warnings off?
Or was the decision that the Bison not-";" phased out.

-- Perhaps the Bison manual should add have a section on incompatibilities
and workarounds, like:
  The current Bison version supports warnings when rules are not terminated
by ";" as in [example]. In the future, support for non-";" terminated rules
will be deprecated, so it is prudent to terminate all rules by ";".

This idea comes from the C++ standard, which has an Appendix C on
incompatibilities, but which fails to indicate workarounds.

  Hans Aberg

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