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Untranslatable composition of sentence

From: Göran Uddeborg
Subject: Untranslatable composition of sentence
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 22:26:02 +0200

There is a problem in the messages if bison 2.3b.

The function reduce_print() in src/reduce.c composes a sentence of
several parts.  In general it is not possible to translate such
compositions to other languages.  In this case the translation of
"useless" to Swedish would have different singular and plural forms.

For Swedish it would be possible to translate correctly if you

  _(" useless in grammar")

with something like

  ngettext ( " useless in grammar",
             " useless in grammar",

But I doubt that would work in languages further removed from English
than Swedish is.  So I suggest rewriting it with more complete
sentences in the messages.  It won't be as cute, but it will be

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