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Possible bug or simple nuisance compiler warning

From: Jot Dot
Subject: Possible bug or simple nuisance compiler warning
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 18:15:42 -0700 (MST)

While beating my head senseless trying to get my first flex/bison (c++ style) 
project going, I've come across this issue: 

I try to catch some error tokens inside my bison rules to aid me by supplying 
diagnostic output. 
I added a second error token into a rule to debug an issue I'm trying to figure 
out (which I posted in help-bison). 

win_flex 2.6.4 
bison (GNU Bison) 3.7.1 

Now my Microsoft compiler returns with: 

1>D:\data\c\FlexBisonLoader\My_Parser\parser.cpp(454,26): warning C4244: 
'return': conversion from 'const short' to 'gen::Parser::state_type', possible 
loss of data 

The following snippet of code in the generated .cpp source file: 
Parser ::state_type 
Parser ::yy_lr_goto_state_ (state_type yystate, int yysym) 
int yyr = yypgoto_[yysym - YYNTOKENS] + yystate; 
if (0 <= yyr && yyr <= yylast_ && yycheck_[yyr] == yystate) 
return yytable_[yyr]; 
return yydefgoto_[yysym - YYNTOKENS]; <<<<<<<< Warning. 

Now this is probably just a nuisance message that can be safely ignored, but I 
wanted to bring it up to your attention. 
IMO the return value just needs to be cast to Parser::state_type. 

Strange thing is I still have another error token left in the grammar . When I 
go from one to two error tokens, it gives me this warning. Remove the second 
one and the warning goes away. It does not matter which rule I place the second 
error token in. 

I would have thought the warning would exist every time I put it in, not after 
'n' occurrences. 

Also, when I add that extra error line, my app freezes. Now, I'm 99% sure this 
freeze is from what I'm doing, but that 1% tells me that I've never had this 
compile issue, It's a bit odd, and this parser is a state engine which might be 
in the wrong place.. etc. I've already triggered two Microsoft bugs in this 
single project / endeavour, slowing me down, so now I'm getting a bit paranoid. 

Due to the odd behaviour, I figure I'd run it past you just to make sure. 

Sorry to be a bother. Thanks for reading this. 

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