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Re: Possible bug or simple nuisance compiler warning

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Possible bug or simple nuisance compiler warning
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 09:29:21 +0100

Hi Jot,

> Le 27 nov. 2020 à 09:52, Jot Dot <jotdot@shaw.ca> a écrit :
> > Have you looked at the examples in examples/c++?
> Yes. I can't see anything I'm doing different in that respect. btw: I've been 
> aware of lex/yacc for about 40 years (I'm a fossil) but, up till now, 
> preferred hand coding recursive decent parsers.

You mean recursive descent—Bison's parsers are pretty decent too.

> > The definition of state_type depends on the grammar.  What is your 
> > definition?
> Ahhh!!. I see, by putting in the second error token in the rule, the 
> definition for yytable_ changes from an initial
> static const signed char
> to:
> static const short


> I think this is a possibility of a bug happening here. Just my luck. Things 
> like this just always happen to follow me around.

I would very much like to have your grammar, so that I can check if there is 
really a danger or not.  It is super unlikely that there is, but I would 
appreciate to be able to have a closer look.  If you prefer, you can send me 
your grammar privately, and I promise I won't publish it.


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