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no need for where-is to list losing completions

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: no need for where-is to list losing completions
Date: 21 Jan 2001 08:08:55 +0800
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May I suggest that the list of completions for C-h w (where-is) be
limited to only those commands that have bindings.

E.g., there I was, looking for what key font-lock-mode was bound to,

C-h w f o n tab - l tab tab m tab o tab return

bzzzt: "font-lock-mode is not on any key" emacs replys.

Indeed emacs, if it was kind, could have let me know much eariler that
font-lock-mode is not on any key.  Early on in the *Completions*
buffer it could have not goaded me on with choices that would only
give 'xxx is not on any key' if I selected them.  It should only show
those choices that are bound to keys.

If I want to know about the others I could use C-h f (describe-function).
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