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Re: minibuffer plays hard to get with shell command output

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: minibuffer plays hard to get with shell command output
Date: 10 Jan 2002 11:51:10 +0800
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>> OK, but say I want the new minibuffer behaviour most of the time, but
>> I want *Shell Command Output* to come up like before, covering half
>> the screen or whatever... I don't suppose this is separately controllable.

Miles> Not currently, but there have been other requests, so I guess it's a
Miles> good idea to add a variable to control this behavior.

Indeed, I rate this as "the biggest slap in the face this release":

Do, oh, some one line output producer like "M-! date".

Notice the nice juicy output, just sitting there in the minibuffer.
Hmmm, tasty... I'll just snarf it up with the mouse and... like sorry.

Challenge: just how many keystrokes do you need to get what happens
from our one liner into your file or at least into the kill ring?
Clue: we're talking a buried *Shell Command Output* buffer here.

Probable-Eli> Clue: C-u M-!

Yes, I know about that. But let's say I already did the command, only
then liked the output, and the command can't be executed again with
the same output that I liked.
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