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From: Micheal Izaghi
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 17:54:05

Personal Name:Mr Micheal Izaghi
Business Consultant:(C.E.O.Izaghi Business Consultant Agency)
Personal contact: address@hidden    or  address@hidden


I humbly wish to seek your assistance in a matter that is very important  and 
needs utmost trust and confidence.I am Micheal Izaghi,a business consultant and 
also a citizen of Monrovia(Liberia) a close confidant of  former late liberia  
president (Mr Samuel Doe) who was killed by rebellions  of Charles Taylor 
during thier crisis which I believed you are
aware off.

The Late president deposited the sum of $33,800.000.million dollars with a  
bank in Accra(Ghana) For obvious reasons, he does not wish to place this fund 
with established financial institution in the family's name for security 
reasons rather he used our company's name to deposit the fund in one of th Bank 
in Ghana. It is his desire that the deal be handled as 
quietly as possible without possibility of any leakage to the public or 
government as a president.

He has therefore instructed and empowered me to look for a reliable  foriegner 
who can act as his fund manager,who can arrange and recieve this fund in his 
favour from the Bank in Ghana which he has also instructed the bank that the 
fund should not be release to anyone except his fund manager abroad which he 
has no one till his death.I have made up my mind to search for a foriegner 
abroad who can help me recive this money as a fund manager the fund cannot be 
release to me without the concept of a fund manager abroad.

If you agree to act as the fund manager to the said amount and if you can meet 
up my requirements.The Documents shall be send to you which you have to use to 
stand for the money and authorising letter which shows you are the fund manager 
to the late president before he died. Since my company name was used to deposit 
the fund in the bank I have to back you up untill the bank transfer the money 
to your account after we have finish signing some documents with the bank in 
Ghana which I have already inform the Manager of the bank that the Fund Manager 
will soon arrive for
the money.

Your commission shall be 30%of the total sum,10% shall be for my company and 5% 
for any expenses occured during and after the transaction as such as travelling 
expenses,telephonebills and 55% shall be for the family which you have to 
invest it on their behalf in your country, Thereafter, the terms shall bevaried.

Sir, if you are capable and willing to participate in this transaction, reach 
me through the above email addresses and incase you have returned mail in your 
response,please kindly it to my direct email to fax number.00447092006454.


Micheal Izaghi.(C.E.O.Izaghi Business Consultant Agency)

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