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add-change-log-entry and add-log-mailing-address

From: Morten Welinder
Subject: add-change-log-entry and add-log-mailing-address
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 15:13:57 -0400

`M-x add-change-log-entry' is supposed to use add-log-mailing-address
as the email address in new change log entries.  It only works partly,
that is to say not at all in the face of local variables.  Here's what
it does when activated from foo.c:

1. Set foo.c's add-log-mailing-address to a default, if needed.
2. Use ChangeLog's add-log-mailing-address in the entry.

(And similarly for add-log-full-name, but I change email address more often
than full name.)

I claim that it should really be using foo.c's in (2) also.  That way,
you can set it locally in a buffer and have changes done in that buffer
"tagged" as being from a certain email account.  Specifically, I want use

(add-hook 'c-mode-hook
            (lambda ()
                (let ((filename (buffer-file-name)))
                      (and filename
                           (string-match "/something/" filename)
                                ;; ...
                                (make-local-variable 'add-log-mailing-address)
                                (setq add-log-mailing-address "terra@gnu.org")


Observed on 21.1.3 compiled on sparc-sun-solaris2.7.

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