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Re: add-change-log-entry and add-log-mailing-address

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: add-change-log-entry and add-log-mailing-address
Date: 09 Apr 2003 18:25:00 -0400

Morten Welinder <terra@gnu.org> writes:

   I claim that it should really be using foo.c's in (2) also.  That way,
   you can set it locally in a buffer and have changes done in that buffer
   "tagged" as being from a certain email account.

a change log entry may reflect changes in several files; association of a
change log component w/ a single file (or buffer) may give rise to conflicts.
can you come up w/ another approach that either handles, or (better yet)
avoids, this possibility?


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