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etags.el tags-search use global syntax table

From: isaac . to
Subject: etags.el tags-search use global syntax table
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 12:15:28 -0000
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When using AucTeX to edit some LaTeX files, I want to search for some
word globally.  My version is not new enough to support inter-file
searching directly, so I've used tags-search.  I'm searching for
something like "\bx\b".  It turned out that some of the matches are
missed, because $ is considered as a word (as in the fundamental
mode).  This is out of my expectation, since it is a LaTeX file and in
the LaTeX mode of AucTeX, $ is considered not a word.  Perhaps when
Emacs performs a tags-search it do it in a temp buffer which does not
have the correct mode loaded?  I consider this a bug in etags.


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