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bug#4375: 23.1.50; can't kill killed gud buffer

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: bug#4375: 23.1.50; can't kill killed gud buffer
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:55:47 +1200

 > > If the release of 23.2 is imminent then I could temporarily move
 > > gdb-ui.el back from EMACS_23_1_RC for the release.  It also has some
 > > new features, e.g. reverse debugging.
 > Even if it's not imminent, it's likely that when it will happen many
 > people will still be using older GDB releases.  So it'd be good to keep
 > the gdb-ui.el code for Emacs-23.2 (and include the new gdb-mi.el as
 > well).

Emacs 23.1 is always an option for those using older GDB releases.  Migrating
properly to GDB/MI is not an easy thing to do and I want to focus on that
rather than on compatibility with old versions of GDB.  Others can work on
maintaining compatibility if they wish but it will make the code a lot more

 > BTW, as you probably already know, I really think that M-x gdb should Do
 > the Right Thing, whether gdb is run with --annotate=2, --annotate=3,
 > or -i=mi.  I.e. it should wait to see GDB's output and then decide based
 > on that output whether to use gdb-mi.el or gdb-ui.el or just gud.el.

We used to do that with "--fullname" and "--annotate=3" but that caused
problems when execution was started in the users .gdbinit file.  The two
options are now invoked with separate functions (M-x gud-gdb and M-x gdb).

 > > Is installing Gdb 7.0 not an option once it has been released?
 > I don't understand this question.

I wondered what was preventing Jan from using GDB 7.0.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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