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bug#11511: Input method of emacs

From: ceason lam
Subject: bug#11511: Input method of emacs
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 22:22:28 +0800

since emacs port to GTK for a while
i even hear a plan about GTK3

however, in my experience of emacs is very unfriendly to input method
if an IM(input method) want to work with emacs
the developer need to write a plug-in for it


if an IM have no plug-in, and if you want to use it in emacs
due to outdated XIM in emacs , you will have some extra work (setting the locale, lang environment...)
if the fixing not work , there is hopeless 

does this mean the emacs no more care about the foreigner 

why no the proper GTK-im interface 
a unified API for all the IM
let the IM developer focus on improve their job
and also let more IM can work along side with emacs

please care about the uncountable CJK user for now and the future
please update to the GTK im interface

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