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bug#11511: Input method of emacs

From: Miles Bader
Subject: bug#11511: Input method of emacs
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 08:02:34 +0900

ceason lam <address@hidden> writes:
> however, in my experience of emacs is very unfriendly to input method
> if an IM(input method) want to work with emacs
> the developer need to write a plug-in for it
> if an IM have no plug-in, and if you want to use it in emacs
> due to outdated XIM in emacs , you will have some extra work (setting the
> locale, lang environment...)
> if the fixing not work , there is hopeless
> does this mean the emacs no more care about the foreigner

Hmm, what...?

I'm using Gnome 3 &etc with the external Japanese input method "mozc",
and it seems to work fine with Emacs...

Can you give more detail about what the problem is?


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