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bug#10873: 24.0.93; `report-emacs-bug' obscures bug-reporting buffer (!)

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#10873: 24.0.93; `report-emacs-bug' obscures bug-reporting buffer (!)
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2015 18:06:20 +0100

> *Completions* is not a modal window.

I don't mind to disagree here.

> And it is not the case that
> users cannot or should not start another activity (related or
> unrelated) while the minibuffer is active or *Completions* is shown.

Agreed.  That's precisely why the *Completions* window is dedicated.

> Certainly users should not be proscribed from having a completion
> in progress while they file a bug report.  Think, for instance, of
> `enable-recursive-minibuffers'.  Or think of keys that invoke
> commands from the minibuffer - commands that might do nearly
> anything.  Or think of wanting to refer to the *Completions*
> buffer while filling out a bug report.

Agreed, again.

> The bug-reporting code should not make any special assumptions
> about other user activity that might be in progress or done "in
> parallel".  It should not assume that either it or some other
> activity is modal.  A truly modal activity will in any case do
> its best to prevent anything else from interfering.
> Certainly preparing a bug report is NOT a modal activity,

The modal activity in the case at hand is picking up a completion.

> and
> it should not prevent a user from interacting with Emacs in
> other ways while the report is being prepared.  Nor should it
> assume that the user will not continue to interact with Emacs
> in other ways before the report is finished and sent.
> Use of the minibuffer should not be proscribed or curtailed just
> because bug reporting wants to display some other windows.  And
> use of other, non-bug reporting, windows should not be foregone
> just because bug reporting wants to display some additional windows.
> What should happen is that the bug-reporting windows should both
> be visible.  Or at the very least, the most important, not the
> least important, of these two windows should be visible.
> And as the original bug report said:
>    This is a regression starting with Emacs 23.
> Since it is a regression it should not be impossible or unfeasible
> to obtain the pre-regression behavior again.

Easy.  Find someone who makes the *Completions* window non-dedicated
again.  My interest in this bug is exhausted already.


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