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bug#10873: 24.0.93; `report-emacs-bug' obscures bug-reporting buffer (!)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#10873: 24.0.93; `report-emacs-bug' obscures bug-reporting buffer (!)
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2015 10:00:48 -0800 (PST)

> I have no opinion other than that fixing this particular problem 

by just removing other windows

> might introduce problems for people who would, for example, like
> to write a report based on the appearance of text shown in a
> particular window.  If we deliberately delete such a window before
> the user is able to fill in the text for the report, she may have
> a hard time recreating it.

Exactly!  And the same for *Completions*.

> And obviously deleting all other windows will be silly when the bug
> report window should pop up on a new frame anyway.  Note in this
> context: We don't know beforehand whether that will happen!

Agreed, again.

> So to be sure: Does the present report warrant the proposed solution?

The right solution is _not_ to remove other windows.

Perhaps the right solution is to pop up a separate frame.
Or perhaps the "instructions" window should be combined with
the "report" window.  Or perhaps the pre-Emacs 23 code could
serve as a guide (dunno).

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