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bug#26513: 25.2; pop-up-frames and *Completions* buffer

From: Charles A. Roelli
Subject: bug#26513: 25.2; pop-up-frames and *Completions* buffer
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2017 22:28:46 +0200

On Sat, Apr 15 2017 at 09:40:19 pm, martin rudalics wrote:

>> (The frame is iconified in this case for me.)  I wouldn't mind if the
>> frame just stayed where it was (i.e. no iconification), and I think this
>> can be done quite easily by overriding the function
>> `minibuffer-hide-completions', and possibly by dedicating the
>> *Completions* buffer to the window displaying it in its own frame
>> (otherwise it can happen that the frame ends up showing some other
>> buffer -- not yet sure how this happens).  Other ideas welcome, of
>> course.
> I must admit that I never use completion after M-x.  I was simply
> stupefied by the fact that it immediately executed a command instead of
> putting the command into the minibuffer, let me regard it and execute it
> after I typed RET there.

Really?  But selecting a completion with the mouse or with RET in the
*Completions* window with pop-up-frames set to nil does the same.
Granted, though, it's probably not a very common thing to do.

And also, sorry if this was not clear, but this bug is for completion
everywhere in Emacs, not just M-x.

>> But the main issue for now lies in focus being given to the
>> *Completions* frame when completion is initiated.  The equivalent with
>> `pop-up-frames' equal to nil would be if the *Completions* window was
>> selected after hitting TAB during completion.  It's not intuitive.
> It should be now possible to do that on X and Windows by using the
> 'no-focus-on-map' parameter I added this week.  I'm not sure whether
> such a thing exists for NS.  By default, a new Window Manager window
> always gets focus.

Thank you; I wasn't aware of this.  Now it makes sense why the
*Completions* frame gets focus.  One solution to this problem, then,
might be to create a separate *Completions* frame on startup and update
it with completions as necessary, without ever deleting/recreating it.
I'll see if I can write a mode or something for this.

> Taking it away from the window right after creation might be tricky,
> sometimes.
> Still, why would you want to "continue typing in the minibuffer" when
> the desired effect of what you do is to choose and execute one of the
> commands shown in the *Completions* buffer?

As explained above, it isn't necessarily the desired effect, only one

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