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bug#32280: 26.1; FLYSPELL-BUFFER sometimes misbehaves for some input in

From: Artem Boldarev
Subject: bug#32280: 26.1; FLYSPELL-BUFFER sometimes misbehaves for some input in a large enough buffer
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2018 17:09:54 +0300
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I have crafted some sample data as well as wrote instruction how to reproduce the bug.

The sample file can be found by following this link:


The instruction alongside with the required code can be downloaded from here:


I made some screenshots which demonstrate the bug:


I haven't been able to demonstrate the case when a misspelt word is not highlighted though. I will send an update should I craft the required data.

I hope this is helpful.


Hello Eli,
Can you post the text where this happens?
The text where I encountered the problem is a personal e-mail, so I can not share it as it is. I will try to craft a sample text and describe the steps for bug reproduction using emacs -Q.
AFAICT, you have removed a single line:

                 (< found-length misspell-length)

I am also replaced:
;; Size matches, we really found it.
(= found-length misspell-length)


;; Size and content matches, we really found it.
 (and (= found-length misspell-length)
          (string= found word))

I believe, in this case there is no need in  (< found-length misspell-length) anymore.
Can you take me through your reasoning why this line is incorrect, and
what assumptions it made that are correct for English, but not for
As about my reasoning behind the changes: I felt that it is not right to mark the word as misspelt without actually checking the content. Moreover, look at the original comment right behind the (< found-length misspell-length) line:
                 ;; Misspelling has higher length than
                 ;; what flyspell considers the word.
                             ;; Caused by boundary-chars mismatch.
                             ;; Validating seems safe.
I am not sure that comparing length of found word and misspelt word is enough to make an assumption that validating is safe (even considering the preceding checks). The keyword here, I think, is 'seems'. For some reason, it really works most of the time.

I believe that the bug should be possible to reproduce for texts in English too. For some reason, I have not encountered this problem while spell checking English. I should note that flyspell-buffer works fine for *most* of the texts in Russian and Ukrainian which I have checked and the discussed issue is rarely encountered. I did not know that It exists until  I started using flyspell-buffer regularly.

Kind regards,

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