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bug#32280: 26.1; FLYSPELL-BUFFER sometimes misbehaves for some input in

From: Artem Boldarev
Subject: bug#32280: 26.1; FLYSPELL-BUFFER sometimes misbehaves for some input in a large enough buffer
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2018 21:12:36 +0300
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I have tried to do as you suggested. The result is the same as in my previous letter.

I'd suggest you to try lines below


with the latin chars A-Za-z added. ¿Does it work?
2. Without the fix, the above-discussed inconsistency exists between how
flyspell works when you use it for:

a) spell checking as you type and checking smaller regions of text (when
flyspell-small-region gets called).
b) spell checking large regions of text.

Yes indeed, it is so inefficient that checking a small region of text is more efficient with the flyspell-large-region most of the time (you can alter this behaviour by changing the flyspell-large-region variable). It checks spelling word by word - this is the source of its inefficiency.

AFAIK `flyspell-small-region' is very inefficient in terms of time for large
buffers, so `flyspell-large-region' uses a completely different approach for
those large buffers. It first looks for a list of possible misspellings and
then searches for them sequentially in the text, running flyspell-word on
each one.


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