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bug#32280: 26.1; FLYSPELL-BUFFER sometimes misbehaves for some input in

From: Artem Boldarev
Subject: bug#32280: 26.1; FLYSPELL-BUFFER sometimes misbehaves for some input in a large enough buffer
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2018 13:00:38 +0300
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Yes, there is a clear pattern. The wrong behaviour appears only when the word in Latin, which follows the Cyrillic one, has the length more or equal to the length of a preceding word.

Here is  the sample text:


Instructions for the bug reproduction are the same:


Screenshot without the provided fix:


Screenshot with the provided fix:


It seems logical to me that the provided fix is sufficient for this case considering what was changed in the problematic function.


> https://chaoticlab.io/pub/flyspell-bug/flyspell-bug-linux.png
> https://chaoticlab.io/pub/flyspell-bug/flyspell-bug-windows.png

From these images it seems immediately evident that flyspell wrongly
marks и, именно, бесконечный and усложняет as misspelled only when a
non-cyrillic word follows it.  However, as paragraph 4 in these
examples also demonstrates, such condition is not sufficient since
there the words preceding 'HTML' and 'Lorem Ipsum' are not marked.

Could you try to play around with the seqeuencing of words in that
example?  Maybe a clearer pattern emerges.

Thanks, martin

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