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Re: [Bug-gnubg] documentation: website ground rules

From: Øystein O Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] documentation: website ground rules
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:01:42 +0200

It's only a month since this was posted, so it's time to answer.

How is it going, Alef? Still studying php and mysql? I must say I like your
sketch for the webpage.

Sans serif  fonts look good, and I don't mind if it looks like the FIBS

These are the categories I would like:
  Tips and Tricks
  Mailing list
  Mailing list archive
Links and resources
  GNU Backgammon training program
  How to compile gnubg for windows
  Links to master games in .sgf
  Other links

(Maybe something about the bug tracker and bug reporing as well?)

The main audience at this stage is backgammon players. By backgammon
players I mean those who are familiar with the game backgammon and play at
a weekly club or in major tournaments or at a serious servers. I don't like
to exclude anyone that's not familiar with the game, but I don't think
those should be in our main target audience. The target audience should be
players that wants to report bugs and contibute with feedback.

The timescale question is not rediculous. The answer is that there's no
timescale and no roadmap. Should we develop a timescale and a roadmap?

Alef wrote:
> Are there other sites that gnubg.org could look more like? Or
> other sites that it should avoid any similarity to? I figure I
> should just aim for clean and easy to understand.

I like clean and easy web pages. You can look at other simple web-pages for
other GNU projects that we can compare our own project to:

http://www.gnome.org (just redesigned!)

Take a look at this pages, and you will see how other GNU project make
their web sits. I guess you will get some kind of idea.


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> I've created a frame work of php and mysql this week (no contence right
> now). It's easy to work with (adding links, creating webpages ...).
> Maybe we should take about it tomorrow?
> Ciao
> Achim

I'm not at all familiar with php or mysql, but I'll start looking into
I've already created a sketch for the webpage, but I'll stop until it's
clear what direction we're going in for creating and updating it. I've
temporarily posted my page at:


The style sheet is using sans-serifs which I think look far better than the
usual default serif fonts. But I am concerned that this might be looking
much like the FIBS site, obviously I need to expand my webpage design

I was thinking of separating the page into the categories: Downloads,
Software developers, FAQ, Contacts. The aim being to make it as clear as
possible to the non-programmer who might get thrown by references to
binaries, etc. But then this asks the question: who is the site's target
audience at this stage?

And this might be a ridiculous question, but is there a timescale for the
release date?


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