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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Wrong cube errors categories in analysis statistics pane

From: Holger
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Wrong cube errors categories in analysis statistics panel
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 22:21:13 +0200

At 02:09 01.10.2003, Jim Segrave wrote:

> Does someone know why getMatchPoints() does this and whether this is
> intended?

I can't reproduce this.

Here is an example:
Attached is a game with one wrong double and a missed double. To reproduce: run gnubg in gdb, set a breakpoint just after line 311 (the call to getMatchPoints), load the attached game, and invoke Analyse/Session statistics.
Here this gives for the wrong double (the first decision):

(gdb) p aaarPointsMatch
$2 = {{{0.26412797, 0.225260854}, {0.49239853, 0.49239853},
       {0.720825553, 0.785499096}, {0.969819069, 0.785499096}},
      {{0.279174447, 0.214500904}, {0.507601678, 0.507601678},
       {0.73587203, 0.774739146}, {0.984015822, 0.774739146}}}

Analyse/Market window (GUI version) with the wrong double selected gives:
Market window for player pl0
    Dead cube Fully live
TP   26.413%   21.450%
DP   49.240%   49.240%
CP   72.083%   77.474%
TG   96.982%   77.474%

Market window for player pl1
    Dead cube Fully live
TP   27.917%   22.526%
DP   50.760%   50.760%
CP   73.587%   78.550%
TG   98.402%   78.550%

> To categorize cubes gnubg compares the arithmetic means of DP and
> CP, and CP and TG with the winning probabilities.  Could someone
> please explain me why (and confirm that) this is correct?

See above, I think it is correct.

> I'm wondering about the following: The winning probability
> (aarOutput[ 0 ][ OUTPUT_WIN ]) doesn't include any added value for
> gammon or bg chances (aarOutput[ 0 ][ OUTPUT_WINGAMMON ] and
> aarOutput[ 0 ][ OUTPUT_WINBACKGAMMON ]). Those match points (DP, CP,
> TG) have an entity of cubeful equity, don't they? And I think
> equities are calculated as the sum of winning chances, gammon
> chances and bg chances, thus include gammon and bg value. If all
> this was correct so far, then I suppose these 2 values can't be
> compared.

This seems a good point - I think picking the point needs to be done
in terms of MWC, it's not enough to do equity, since in some match
points, gammons are irre;evant.

Ok, I'll compare them with an entity of MWC. But I think this doesn't solve the problem (if my conclusions were correct) that the winning probability doesn't account for gammon and bg values in games where they matter. eq2mwc() gives a MWC, but the winning probability is no equity, is it?



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