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Réf. : Re: [Bug-gnubg] Python in Win32 GUI build ?

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: Réf. : Re: [Bug-gnubg] Python in Win32 GUI build ?
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 08:40:50 +0200

>Nardy prefers not to add Python support to the GUI build.
>Building the no-gui with Python 2.2.3 shows a lot of warnings. That's
>actually no problem, but Python 2.3 does not compile with the no-gui.

I was trying to build GUI/GUI3D with Python (I was failing during link due
to missing libpython, thx Nardy for help on this). However, copile of
gnubgmodule.o is fine, beside some warnings (redefine). You can find them
in the attachment : oldGUI and 3D/Panel have the same problem (ingnore
the undefined references, my fault).

>The no-gui has readline (but no extended ASCII support, thus
>impossible to use [ and ] in international Win32 versions) and
>I would like to wait before adding Python to the GUI, until there is
>a pure MinGW port available.
>(and I am looking forward to see a recent Readline with international
>support too :-))

Another problem (not a GNUbg one) : Oystein suggsted once we may want to
use SciPy to create exotic plots without embedding the code in GNUbg.
I've installed Python 2.2.3 and SciPy, but as soon as I try something
like "from scipy import gplt" from the pyhton prompt (IDLE or std), it
crashes bad (WinXP Fam, running as admin). Anybody else has tried that ?


P.S. for Nardy
Do you have your magic files (.bat, config.* and Makefile) for
no-GUI builds too ?

(See attached file: work-gnubg3Dpy.txt)(See attached file: work-gnubgOLDpy.txt)

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