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Fwd: Réf. : [Bug-gnubg] Understanding the stats

From: Robert-Jan Veldhuizen
Subject: Fwd: Réf. : [Bug-gnubg] Understanding the stats
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 20:22:32 +0200

On 9/23/06, Ian Shaw < address@hidden> wrote:

I tested the luck in a bearoff where X had to roll 66 to win, or else
lose the game. With the cube at 2 or 16, rolling 66 is worth 1.94 luck.

So luck is normalised, at least in the play-by-ply analysis.

GNUBG keeps track of both. In money sessions, EMG (normalised) and real points; in matches in EMG and in %MWC.
The overall statistics show luck calculated with real points and %MWC.

On the luck tab you can see both values (plus a rather useless luck per move figure... perhaps this should simply be removed?).

Robert-Jan Veldhuizen

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