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Re: [Bug-gnulib] 4-gary-version-etc-full-author-string.patch

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnulib] 4-gary-version-etc-full-author-string.patch
Date: 18 Sep 2003 12:15:13 -0700
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Jim Meyering <address@hidden> writes:

> How about this (just checked in to coreutils)?

> +#define FMT_TEMPLATE _("Written by %sand %%s.\n")
> ...
> +     for (i = 0; i < n_authors - 1; i++)
> +       s = stpcpy (s, "%s, ");

I doubt whether this will internationalize well.  Not every language
uses ", " to separate authors; and not every language uses the same
convention that English does for "," and "and"-like words, when
conjoining author lists.  The code fails in a small way even for some
English writers, as many people omit "," before "and" even when there
are three or more authors.  (That's how I was taught to write when I
was young.)

_("Written by Jim Meyering and Paul Eggert.") is simpler and more
robust; that's what I'd use.

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