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Re: git-merge-changelog limitation?

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: git-merge-changelog limitation?
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 00:05:40 +0200
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Hi Eric,

> Hmm, ChangeLog now has some out-of-order entries.  This is probably due 
> to me working on the rename before Paul's patch for additional tr fixes, 
> with two ChangeLog paragraphs grouped under one date

Yes, I agree, it looks like this.

> at which point I did 'git pull --rebase'.

I also use 'git pull --rebase' often, and git-merge-changelog brings the
ChangeLog entries into the right order.

> Apparently, git decided that since my change  
> didn't impact line 1, it didn't have any reason to call 
> git-merge-changelog; therefore, my most recent paragraph on 
> parse-datetime renaming was not floated to the top, even though it was 
> pushed upstream after Paul's tr fixes.
> If my memory serves, this may be a 'feature' of newer git; older git 
> would always run git-merge-changelog if one revision inserts at the file 
> head while another inserted a paragraph at line 3.

Well, I would consider it a bug in git if it didn't invoke the declared
merge driver. That is the point of a custom merge driver.

> Let me know if you need me to spend time writing up an exact formula to 
> reproduce the steps that led to my ChangeLog message not being rebased 
> the way I think it should be.

Yes, please. This will be useful to revisit once we have unit tests for
the normal operation of git-merge-changelog.


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