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Re: system colors

From: Rob Burns
Subject: Re: system colors
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 08:14:56 +0700

On 2004-02-11 02:37:13 +0700 Fred Kiefer <address@hidden> wrote:

Sorry to frustrate you, but you choose the wrong classes to start the GUI colour cleanup. I really would like to see this happen, but doing just a few bits in a class doesn't really help much. NSTabView is a horrible beast, as far as drawing is concerned. With your patch the main part, the pane area would be ok. but it would no longer match the tabs themselves, which currently get drawn partly as images and partly as PS code. For the GSTitleView you just did pick out the lines where he colour for the menue title get set, but there are many more places in that file where direct colours get used (and to be honest I did not fully understand the logic of all of them). Why did you choose windowFrameColor as the replacement for black? It defaults to black, but is this really the name with which you expect to change the colour of the menu title? And you also did not change the text colour, that way you may end up drawing white on white.

So, while I am all in favour for your patch, I would like to reject it for the moment to force you to come back with an even better solution.

I'm not frusterated, especially if my mail results in the tabview code being checked in faster than it otherwise might have been. :) If I understand you correctly, you're saying that the changes were correct but incomplete. The changes were just enough to get Camealon working without applying the gnustep patches that are included with Camaelon. Changing colors without Camaelon loaded still resulted in lots of inconsistency. If I were to try and be more thorough, are those changes, the type of thing that should be done?

I used windowFrameColor as the replacement for black, because it looked like thats where the titlebar color was set, if the window was a menu, and I thought windowFrameColor was the name for this system color. When I used this code, I got the colors I expected. I overlooked the text color. I intentionally, tried to limit my changes to just 'menu' windows, as I too didn't quite understand the other color setting code, and I didn't think that class was being used for anything other than menus at the moment, so I wouldn't have been able to verify that any of my changes had any effect.

I'll stay away from NSTabView for the reasons mentioned. I think that someone (alexm?) has quite alot of changes related to GSTitleView, as well, so I won't do anything with it either. maybe later, I will try looking at it again.


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