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Re: build problems

From: Jacek Sowiński
Subject: Re: build problems
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 03:06:45 +0200
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On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 08:56:40PM +0200, Giuseppe Scrivano wrote:
> gabriele balducci wrote:
>> But then, at run time, I get:
>>   Cannot find mozilla runtime directory. Exiting.
> Can you please tell me how you execute icecat?  Are you executing from  
> the same directory where the icecat file is located (simply running  
> ./icecat)?

I am not Gabrielle, but I have also this problem, and I execute Icecat
via 'icecat'. I've noticed that, there is 'run-mozilla.sh' instead of
 'run-icecat.sh' in this executable. For instance:

> if [ $found = 0 ]; then
>  # Check default compile-time libdir
>  if [ -x "$moz_libdir/run-mozilla.sh" ]; then
>     dist_bin="$moz_libdir"
>  else 
>     echo "Cannot find mozilla runtime directory. Exiting."
>     exit 1
>   fi
> fi

':%s/-mozilla.sh/-icecat.sh/g' in vim solves the problem of course ;)

Jacek Sowiński

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