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Re: build problems

From: gabriele balducci
Subject: Re: build problems
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2008 12:29:16 +0200

dear Giuseppe,

> gabriele balducci wrote:
> > So, I would say that the run-mozilla.sh/run-icecat.sh game in the icecat
> > script was never fixed.
> > 
> > giuseppe, we are waiting for your WORD :)
> Unfortunately I am not home now to try it directly.  I hacked the build 
> process to copy the run-icecat.sh script inside bin/ from the 
> browser/branding/unofficial directory.  run-mozilla.sh shouldn't be used 
> because run-icecat.sh is very different and in addition it configures 
> some enviroment variables that will be used lately by plugins.
> This hack is needed because LD_LIBRARY_PATH must contain the plugins 
> directory, soon I will add binary plugins to our plugins finder service 
> that can be installed locally by the user.
> Maybe run-mozilla.sh will make things work but for sure it will break 
> binary plugins that soon will be possible to fetch by the IceCat plugins 
> finder service.
> Does IceCat work if you execute directly the run-icecat.sh script from 
> the bin directory?


> Another question, do you have run-mozilla.sh in your icecat file?

giuseppe: the problem reduces exactly to this. The icecat script
contains run-mozilla.sh while it should contain run-icecat.sh. It is
trivial to run a sed on the icecat script which will change all
occurrences of run-mozilla.sh into run-icecat.sh, but I think that this
should be fixed upstream in the build/install procedure (i.e. by you

thank you very much for your time and for icecat


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