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Re: 3.0.4-g1 gnash envvar error

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: 3.0.4-g1 gnash envvar error
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 18:54:00 -0600

    can you please try this new file?

Well, it gets farther, but ultimately still fails for me :(.

First I removed the previous extensions/gnash* directories.
Then I put your new file in /usr/local/gnu/icecat/extensions/gnash.xpi
and let it try to autoinstall at startup -- same problems as before, the
files ended up in /usr/local/gnu/icecat and not in ~ and apparently
weren't recognized (same message at every startup about envvars not set
properly, restart).

So then I removed those files again and visited the xpi in icecat, ie,
file:///wherever/gnash-i386.xpi.  This worked ok, with sufficient
restarts, etc., just like before.

Now when I visit
http://www.amazon.com/Ten-New-Songs-Leonard-Cohen/dp/B00005Q45W, it
thinks it can handle flash, i.e., it doesn't say "download the flash
player".  So that is good!

Unfortunately, it doesn't actually do anything.  E.g., clicking the
play buttons does nothing.  Looking at the voluminous output, the reason
is apparent:

Invalid path to standalone executable: 

And indeed, I have no gtk-gnash executable in libraries (or anywhere else).



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