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grep-2.5.4 Test Release

From: Tony Abou-Assaleh
Subject: grep-2.5.4 Test Release
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 01:34:15 -0400 (AST)

I uploaded a "practice" release to ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/grep to get the
hang of making test releases and releases.

I'd appreciate any feedback: Did I miss or mess something?

I think 3 changes need to go in before the 2.5.4 release:

1) Speedup UTF8 matching
2) Remove known failing cases from the release
3) Request updates from the translation project and sync

It'd be great if someone could provide feedback on the UTF8 patch. See:


Any suggestions on best way to keep CVS and release test cases partially
out-of-sync? Some idea:

* Apply a patch during 'make dist' that disables some tests
* Factor out offending cases into separate files that are excluded from
* Make the test files messy by adding switches to disable some test cases

Any preferences? There has been a lot of talk about writing a new uniform
and clean test suite. But until someone does it we'll patch what we have.

For the version number, I am thinking of keeping it 2.5.* until 2 things
happen (or at least one of them):

1) We sync with gawk dfa
2) We fix the failing test cases



Tony Abou-Assaleh
Email:    address@hidden
Web site: http://tony.abou-assaleh.net

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