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bug#44186: Recursive mkdir

From: divoplade
Subject: bug#44186: Recursive mkdir
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 08:01:23 +0100
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I think I have made my point for the second commit. I intend this
change to be user-centric: it would be better to confuse the developer
of a guile program than the user of said program. Anyway, this will not
confuse anyone because creating the directory is not the default

As for the first commit:

Le lundi 26 octobre 2020 à 22:05 +0100, Leo Prikler a écrit :
> I'd prefer it if you didn't credit me for messing up your code. ;)
> The reason my version works, is because (ice-9 filesystem) has a
> working implementation of file-ancestors, which it uses to create all
> ancestors in order.  The part you've copied only creates one such
> directory.  With the changes you've made, the directory, that does
> get
> created, is the first one in the tree, which does not exist.  I'm
> surprised, that this test passes for you, because it does not pass
> for
> me.

Exactly, it does not pass the test, because I still can't run them.
That's one of my open questions (the other being: in which file do I
write the code, I feel the ports module is not the best place). How do
you run the tests? When I run "make check", I get 1 of 39 tests failed,
the test-out-of-memory test. It does not even try to run the ports

So until I can check it, my work can only be understood as "work in

Best regards,


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