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New machine for shitbox

From: Barry deFreese
Subject: New machine for shitbox
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 22:56:17 -0400
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Hi folks,

OK, I have finally put a new machine in for shitbox. It's still not super high-end (700Mhz PIII with 384Mb) but it should at least be more stable and come back up when rebooting.

I also did a dist-upgrade. I hope that wasn't a bad thing. I'm still a little concerned about the HD but I'm not sure how much trouble it would be to get it up on a new one. I'm up for suggestions, etc.

I also have a nicer machine P4 (2.4Ghz or so I think) that I was thinking about replacing flubber with but I am wondering if that makes the most sense? Since flubber is now the wiki code and such, should it be taken out of the more "public" role? I'm thinking maybe using the gnubber hardware for flubber and set up a new gnubber might make more sense.



Barry deFreese

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