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Re: New machine for shitbox

From: Dani Doni
Subject: Re: New machine for shitbox
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 13:21:29 +0200

On 7/5/08, olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net <olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net> wrote:
Hi folks,

>  On the other hand, the wiki seems to need a fast machine, so using it
>  for the wiki exclusively would be a waste...
>  Not sure what the best approach is. Ideally, they should run in two
>  distinct VMs sharing the hardware :-)

Maybe using web caching software like memcached[1] can help minimize
disk access, as wiki content could be served from memory and only
updates would hit the database triggering a cache update. In a such
configuration, an alternate VM dedicated to serve wiki pages
would/should consume very little resources.

[1] http://www.danga.com/memcached/

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