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GSoC projects

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: GSoC projects
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2008 10:54:33 +0200
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The GSoC projects are making good progress, as I read from various IRC
log lines.  Hence, we'd like to make this work available through the
standard GNU Savannah Hurd group/repository.  I'm going to make the
GSoCers members of that group.  Here are some rules:

So far, we'll grant you commit-after-approval permission, so please
(continue to) post and discuss everything to bug-hurd that you'd like to
have committed.  On your own tagged branches, you can do what you feel
like (commit directly), but please also obey to the above rules.  Better
to ask first, than trying to do something on your own.  (Remeber that
whatever you do, it'll be part of the Hurd's permanent RCS history.)

So, let me say this again: Thanks for your interest in the GNU Hurd and
welcome on board!  :-)

Now, I'd now like each of GSoCers post a follow-up to this message, and
give a short overview of (a) what he's working on and (b) if this is
rather a stand-alone thing or has to be included into the main Hurd
repository.  If it's stand-alone I'd rather have it remain so and make up
a separate module for it (might even use git or else for it instead of
CVS, whatever people prefer).  If it has to be integrated into the main
Hurd tree, then we have to make up some rules about how to do this.


PS: I'm going to work on the wiki issue today.

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