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[Bug-indent] Fixed finding $HOME/.indent.pro in Win2k

From: Tijn Porcelijn
Subject: [Bug-indent] Fixed finding $HOME/.indent.pro in Win2k
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 16:14:23 +0100


In an attempt to beautify the messy code produced by me and the
co-developers in my team, I ``ported'' indent to Window 2000. All
seems to work fine except that indent can't find a default indentation
profile in $HOME, since this variable is not used under Win2k,

Therefore I included some code in args.c  that combines the HOMEDRIVE
and HOMEPATH environment vars and made some other mods.

Since indent is under GPL, I thought I'd let you know. If you're
interested I'll send you the complete code. Just let me know!

Good luck and thanks for developing and maintaining indent this far.

Cheers, Tijn

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