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Re: [Bug-librejs] Bug in LibreJS 7.16: it is not compatible with a curre

From: Dedeco Balaco
Subject: Re: [Bug-librejs] Bug in LibreJS 7.16: it is not compatible with a currently supported browser
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2018 14:07:17 -0300
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Em 06-09-2018 01:15, Ian Kelling escreveu:
You can still use the old version of LibreJS with the old firefox. This
extension would take a lot of work to support XUL and WebExtensions at
the same time. We don't have the developer resources to do that and work
on the WebExtensions version will be used by many more users for much
longer in the future

Can you point me exactly which versions of LibreJS I can use with ESR 52? Or how I discover that?

If XUL addons and WebExtensions are so much different, could the current WebExtensions be used, in a way that is not unnecessarily hard, to be ported to a XUL addon? I am imagining if meaninful code comments, documentation and other details exist, in a way that can help someone familiar with development of XUL addons, but unfamiliar with WebExtensions, understand and use.

If you know of a XUL based firefox fork that is becoming popular, please
let us know about it.

It may be minority, but I did not like the changes in Firefox 60+. Basilisk and a few other projects based on Firefox were what I noticed in my original post - I just did not remember their names to write at that time.

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